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We require the most rigorous qualifications of our tutors. All our tutors have extensive training in chemistry and cognitive psychology and pedagogy.

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We are a small team of dedicated chemistry tutors and educational consultants lead by Victor Kiryak, a professional chemist and chemical educator from Denver, CO. We provide in-person, online, and written lessons. We also do intensive group reviews on weekends lead by the Center founder Victor Kiryak. Our office conveniently located in Westminster, CO, right off Denver-Boulder turnpike, 15 min from Denver downtown and Auraria Campus, 20 min from CU-Boulder, and 20 min from Colorado School of Mines.

As a team of professional chemistry educators, we help students and faculty develop clarity in chemistry content, systematize and organize the material, and provide new perspective to help with students’ comprehension of difficult concepts!

We’ve been helping students succeed in college chemistry for 10+ years. All our tutors have extensive training in chemistry and cognitive psychology and pedagogy. We have a vast knowledge of standardized exams (such as ACS chemistry exams, GRE subject exam in chemistry) and have been preparing students to take those for many years. We have the teaching experience, content knowledge, and pedagogy knowledge required to help you with any level of chemistry you need. Our instructors didn’t just take and pass a college chemistry class, we taught chemistry classes many times over and spent years researching college chemistry education techniques and methodologies.

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