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We have a constantly growing collection of chemistry study and summary notes, chemistry cheat sheets, and chemistry tutorials. We hand-write our chemistry notes with love and meticulously color-code all our summary notes and chemistry cheat sheets to make sure they are easy to navigate and comprehend.

We spend countless hours combing through every textbook on the market and talk to organic chemistry instructors when working on our chemistry cheat sheets and chemistry summary notes. In our chemistry cheat sheets we go over the

  • most important aspects of each topic covered in organic chemistry,
  • details of reactions and mechanisms, and
  • tricky points that show up on tests!

If you’re looking for a specific chemistry cheat sheet or a summary note on a certain topic, just let us know!



Organic Chemistry Study Notes & Cheat Sheets

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Organic Chemistry Notes

Organic Chemistry handouts and study notes organized by topic.
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Summary notes and quick reference guides for the spectroscopy portion of the college organic chemistry course. Includes IR, HNMR, CNMR, and Mass-Spec.

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Organic Chemistry Tutorials

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