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Red-Ox Reactions and Reagents in Organic Chemistry

After many, and I mean MANY requests to put together a quick cheat-sheet on red-ox reactions and red-ox reagents in organic chemistry, we finally did it. This quick 3-page handout contains the essential must-know reactions of oxidation and reduction of organic compounds sorted by the reagents. We’ve also included a quick chart of the carbon […]

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pentose phosphate pathway

The Pentose Phosphate Pathway

Glycolysis is the core of cellular metabolism. While it is often represented as a single straight line that leads directly into the Krebb’s cycle, there are many offshoots and branching pathways. While we think of glycolysis as mainly producing ATP, there are also many other useful metabolites that can be produced from glucose. The Pentose […]

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chemistry study group

How to Get the Most out of Your Chemistry Study Group

Chemistry is a required subject for a wide range of college majors, and the experience is often different from other classes. We’ve addresses some of the approaches how to succeed in chemistry in other posts on when to take a chemistry class, how to develop good chemistry skills, how to study chemistry, and how to […]

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