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study space study habits

Two Ideas And A Dozen Tips to Make A Perfect Study Space

People often talk about developing study skills as an act of willpower; you have to force yourself to do it. This is true up to a point, but if you make studying more enjoyable and task oriented then you won’t spend so much energy overcoming the dread of doing your homework. A dedicated study space […]

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spend your break wisely

4 Ways to Have An Awesome and Productive Spring Break

Making The Beast Out Of Your Study Over Spring Break Spring break is coming up, which usually means big plans for students. Many of us will be traveling, spending time with friends and family, volunteering, or just looking forward to a week or two to decompress from our hectic school schedule. Unfortunately, the semester doesn’t […]

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organic chemistry functional groups cheat sheet

Functional Groups Cheat Sheet

Functional groups are one of the first and often intimidating topic in organic chemistry. Mastering organic chemistry is important if you’re a chemistry, health, or bio major. However, it is hard to find a quick and concise summary of those. So, many students end up making a version of their own functional group chart. Well, […]

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