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What you lose by not working with your tutor on a regular basis

When students are thinking about hiring a chemistry tutor, one of the questions that comes to mind is: “Should you work with a tutor on an on-demand or on a regular schedule basis?” The benefits for the both are fairly obvious. When working with a tutor on-demand basis, you have a flexibility of asking a tutor for help when you need it. You also are not bound by the commitment to meet every week. However, regular chemistry tutoring meetings offers more benefits.

Students who do not commit to a lesson on a weekly basis:

  1. Do not have as much of grade improvement. Chemistry learning takes time, commitment, and continuous effort. Students who only work with a chemistry tutor on an on-demand basis are not held accountable for any homework assigned by the tutor or any suggestions the tutor have made for the students to implement regarding their studies. Regular chemistry tutoring with chemistry help center helps student get the best academic results.
  2. Will not get the benefit of having the psychological commitment of keeping their homework, test scores, and grades up since they won’t be checked on a weekly/daily basis. At Chemistry Help Center, we emphasize that helping students is our priority and thus keeping in constant contact is essential for our students’ success. We want you to know that we are here to help you succeed and be your aid on every step of the way. Regular chemistry tutoring meetings help students feel more comfortable and be more prepared for their tests.
  3. Will not have their performance in their class be tracked or monitored as closely since they are meeting with the tutor on a non-regular basis. By having regular chemistry tutoring with a professional chemistry teacher, you can be sure that we will keep track of what’s going on with your academics.
  4. Will not receive as the same level of lesson and instruction personalization since the chemistry tutor is unable to follow the student’s class schedule and curriculum on a weekly basis. It is virtually impossible to keep track with student’s schedule and course curriculum changes when they don’t work with a chemistry tutor on a weekly basis.
  5. Do not have a guaranteed spot every week and before important dates such as quiz days and test dates. This becomes especially important around the midterm and finals time.

Compare this to taking a gym or a music class. If you only go to your class once in awhile when you think you could use a bit help and practice occasionally on your own when you have time, you will never be able to achieve the same mastery level as when you commit to lessons with a coach on a regular basis. Chemistry tutoring is no different. When you commit to success and commit to working with your tutor on a regular basis, you achieve the results you want faster!

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