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Hi, my name is Victor and I'm a professional chemistry educator and an academic coach. I've been helping students with all levels of chemistry (from high school to graduate school level) since 2004. I've established Chemistry Help Center in 2006 and ten years later, in 2016, we've expanded from a small tutoring agency to a full-service chemistry consulting company working with students, instructors, universities, and industries helping our clients achieve their academic and professional goals.

I specialize in college chemistry and will be happy to help you with any chemistry coursework you have. My specific area of expertise is organic and advanced organic chemistry. I have published my research in the fields of inorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, organic chemistry, organic mechanisms, and chemical education.

I'm also a national-level speaker and annually present at national American Chemical Society conferences, conferences on chemical education, and at schools and private organizations across the US. As a professional chemist, I routinely consult for chemistry-related businesses across the US in addition to my teaching and work with chemistry educators.

My Approach To Teaching

I use a multifaceted approach in my teaching to help my students. I bring clarity in chemistry by helping you review, organize, and systematize your chemistry knowledge into a coherent whole and I pride myself on my individualized and personalized approach to each student's needs. My goal is to help you master the concepts by teaching you how to break them down to fundamental principles and reconstruct them for yourself from ground-zero.

I'm very patient. I understand that you sought out chemistry tutoring because you're struggling with the subject. I also understand that learning chemistry takes time and considerable effort. Regardless of how hard or frustrating it can be, I'm on your side and I'm here to help you in this journey. I'm skilled at explaining concepts from different perspectives to accommodate your specific learning style. I pride myself on my rigorously individual approach to tutoring, tailoring my lessons to your individual needs, goals, and academic preparation. I write customized testing and practice materials for all of my students targeting your specific strengths and weaknesses. I also make myself infinitely available to provide feedback and answer questions via email or text-messages to all my students between our meetings.

Ultimately, whatever your current level or aptitude is, your success is my primary objective. I'll give you a safe and comfortable place to learn, make mistakes, learn from them, and grow academically to the next level. I'll help you set long- and short-term goals and help you achieve the outcomes you want. I have a proven record of success of my teaching approach. Many of my students come to me with a C's or even a D's at the beginning of the semester or after the first test and leave with A's and B's! See Megan's or Taylor's review for an example of such an accomplishment. However, I don't see college tutoring to be a remedial tool. To me, it is rather like having a personal academic coach who helps you to succeed!

My Expectations And Work Ethics

I'm a highly trained and specialized professional educator. As an active member of the American Chemical Society, American Educational Research Association, National Association for Research in Science Teaching, and American Association for the Advancement of Science, I abide by the honor code and the work ethics associated with my profession. As such, I do all I can to help my students succeed in their college career, however, it is student's responsibility to work hard and apply what I teach them.

I commit myself 100% to my students and thus only work with students who are willing to commit to their success in return. In my experience, a regular schedule has the most impact on the student's achievement. The benefits of a regular schedule with me are: unlimited email or phone support, personalized practice and assessment materials, personalized study materials, guaranteed weekly availability, and more.

Please, send me a message, and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Where I Teach

Since I strive to provide the best learning experience to all of my students, I have a private office conveniently located in Westminster, CO, right off Denver-Boulder turnpike, only a short drive from most Denver and Boulder schools. By having students come to my office, I can provide a safe, quiet, and comfortable place to learn and accommodate any of my student's needs (tea, coffee, paper, pens, copy/scan services included!) For my online sessions, I use a state-of-art online interactive whiteboard environment.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


What My Students Say About My Teaching

Awesome Tutor

I have been tutoring with Victor for my entire quarter of school (about 12 weeks) and have been taught so much. Victor always knows how to clarify any questions that I have and is very patient with me. Prior to having sessions with Victor I had a lot of anxiety and struggles, as I was taking Ochem 1 with no help; ultimately leaving me with a finishing grade of a 2.1. After learning my lesson and moving into Ochem 2 I found Victor and can now proudly say that I will complete the class with a 4.0! Thank you so much for all of your help and clarifying much of my struggles and anxieties with this class.

— Megan

Very knowledgeable and excellent teacher

I have been struggling with organic chemistry a lot and I have to retake the class in order to get into pharmacy school and in our very first lesson I felt that I could actually pass the class He's an excellent teacher and explain things in simpler terms

— Anna

Knowledgeable and insightful tutor

Very good at explaining topics teachers just expect you to understand on your own, especially the more spatial aspects of organic chemistry. Also writes up great practice problems. Was instrumental in helping

— Marian

Great Chemistry Tutor

We are very pleased with Victor - he is such a knowledgeable person of the chemistry subject and a great Tutor! We highly recommend him if you need great tutor in chemistry.

— Rashid

Victor is the best!

Victor is great at explaining organic chemistry. Working with him is really helping me understand much more and improve my grade!

— Kara

Awesome and easy to understand!

Victor is my quantitative anaylsis Chem tutor. He was able to break down the topics I was confused on so that I actually know what I am doing! Even though it's pricey it was worth it and will definitely use him again.

— Jessica

knowledgeable and patient

Victor gave my son a great college level chemistry lesson. He knows the material very well and provided excellent guidance. My son said he helped clarify a lot of hard problems.

— Charlotte

Chemistry Guru

I've had a few lessons with Victor and am already seeing great results in both grades and ability to understand complex material. Victor is a very patient and knowledgeable tutor. In addition he is very laid back and funny which makes the lessons enjoyable! I am enrolled in Gen Chem II at my university and my professors have already commented on my improvements and increased participation in class. I'm planning on continuing my lessons with Victor throughout the semester and for Organic Chemistry next year as well. He does a great job of working through problems step by step and identifying areas that need work. I would strongly recommend him to pre-med students who may be struggling in their chemistry courses.

— Kiran

One of the best tutors I've had for one of my toughest subjects

(Note: this essay is being written by Tymon, Okhee's son, as he is the one who Victor K. is tutoring) I found that Victor was one of the most effective chemistry tutors I've had so far; in just a few days, I've had a considerable number of misconceptions about atomic & molecular chemistry cleared up for me and feel much more prepared in regards to the in-class material. As someone who's never been well-versed in chemistry, I find that my sessions with Victor have provided some much-needed help.

— Okhee

Knowledgeable and patient tutor

I really enjoyed how patient Victor was and how easily he answered my questions. He gave me complete in depth answers to questions and made sure I understood one concept before moving on to the next.

— Kayleigh

Great Organic Chemistry Tutor

This past semester I took organic chemistry 1 as a freshman in college. I was prepared to struggle, as I had never been good with chemistry and my professor is notorious for being tough, but this class hit me like a sack of bricks. It felt like no matter how much I studied, I could not get a grasp of the information (and the huge amount of stuff that I had to learn was overwhelming, too)! Luckily, I found Victor early enough to save my grade. Since I have trouble with rote memorization, he gave me many techniques to help me understand reactions rather than use brute force to memorize them. Of course, there's no escaping some memorization with this class, so he gave me techniques to help me out there as well. He is reliable and always answers questions well. When I didn't understand something the first time he explained it, he explained it in different ways until I got it. I was just hoping to pass the final with a 70, but I ended up scoring a high B when the class average was 65!! Thank you Victor!! I will need your help for semesters to come!

— Jenny

Helps to see problems in different forms.

Victor is very patient and helps to take you through the process of tackling problems step by step. He's willing to walk through various steps and forms of problems until I gain comfort with tackling them one by one.

— Gabrielle

Extraordinary professor of Organic Chemistry

I usually have difficulty in visualizing concepts administered through online resources, but Victor offered exemplary expertise in the delivery and explaination of all concepts associated with my areas of concern. I highly recommend that you utilize his services to achieve awareness and clarity in Organic Chemistry.


Patient and very straight

I really liked that he is very patient, goes straight to the point, and he makes you to show him when you know the material or not. Plus, he works the way you prefer studying, which is also very good.

— Dayane

The answer to a cry for help

I wish I could have found Victor sooner. He has helped me out so much in the few lessons that we have had. I'm feeling a bit better about organic and it's all thanks to him.

— Samantha

Very helpful

Victor is a great tutor he pushes me and the amount of work we accomplish in just a matter of hours has turned my chemistry class around!

— Josh

So helpful!

Victor has helped me to not give up on organic chemistry. With such a difficult, tedious, conceptual subject, Victor is always patient and willing to explain a concept in more than one way.

— Katie

Great tutor!

My daughter works on Organic Chemistry with Victor. She thinks he is great! He makes the material accessible and easier to understand, and he is always enthusiastic and patient. Awesome guy!

— Kristen

Very Patient Tutor!

I've been getting tutored for my final exam for Ochem III and Victor has been a great help. I'm someone who has struggled with Ochem from the very beginning and he is very patient and clear when teaching me anything from concepts, reagents, mechanisms, to spectroscopy. He gives amazing pointers and has helped increase my confidence to tackle any ochem problem that I may face for my final! He is also very quick to respond by email and promptly answers questions! I would really recommend!

— Karen

Excellent tutor, knows his stuff, replies quickly, good availability...

I have had Victor as a chemistry tutor a few times and am very impressed. As the title implies he really knows his chemistry and is also good at explaining it. I was quickly able to grasp concepts that seemed difficult at first. On top of that he is friendly and polite. Also, he usually responds very quickly and can find a time to fit you in quickly. I have used some WyzAnt tutors before for other subjects and have had to sometimes try different tutors because I wasn't impressed. This is definitely not the case with Victor. Even though my degree doesn't contain further chemistry classes, if for some reason chemistry work came up I would definitely contact Victor first. Five stars and two thumbs up is my rating for Victor.

— Eric

Good lesson

Victor K. was very helpful and patient reviewing material for the ACS organic chemistry exam. I had left the lesson feeling more confident. I am grateful for the extra material he gave me to practice.

— Sara

Great help for Biochemistry

I started working with Victor to prepare for my biochemistry final, and he has been a huge help that has aided me in reviewing big subjects before my final exam. He took the time to review in depth concepts that I did not understand. He was very flexible, had a lot of time open for me, and always responded to my inquiries in a timely manner. He has been great for biochemistry! Would recommend 100%.

— Kristen

Best chemistry tutor I've ever had!

I'm a bio major and chemistry is a huge part of my degree program. I've worked with tutors before but was still struggling with making sense of certain topics like intermolecular forces, 3D structures, orbitals, resonance, and some functional groups chemistry. Victor really helped me to systematize and review like 3 years worth of chemistry and get me up to speed with my current biochemistry class. He is very patient and thorough with his explanations. Victor also makes sure that I get the material before moving on. I've been struggling with chemistry for years and it all finally makes sense now!!! It feels awesome! I wish I found Victor earlier.

— Zahar

Best tutor I have ever had!

Victor K. is extremely knowledgeable about organic chemistry! He is helpful with all problems that I have not by giving me the answer directly but by walking me though how to solve it. He shows me many different ways of looking at a problem to better understand not just the problem being worked but also strategies to tackle similar problems. I would very highly recommend a lesson with him if you want to do well with organic chemistry!

— Allen

Extremely knowledgeable and helpful tutor

Victor taught me organic chemistry, he helped me get a good grasp of the subject and was very clear and helpful. He made it pertain to real life and made this fuzzy difficult subject clearer and not seem so scary! Highly recommend him

— Robby
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