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We have a constantly growing collection (FREE and premium) of chemistry summary notes and chemistry cheat sheets. We hand-write our chemistry notes with love and meticulously color-code all our summary notes and chemistry cheat sheets to make sure they are easy to navigate and comprehend.

We spend countless hours combing through every textbook on the market and talk to organic chemistry instructors when working on our chemistry cheatsheets and chemistry summary notes. In our chemistry cheat sheets we go over the

  • most important aspects of each topic covered in organic chemistry,
  • details of reactions and mechanisms, and
  • tricky points that show up on tests!

If you're looking for a specific chemistry cheat sheet or a summary note on a certain topic, just let us know!

Organic Chemistry Cheatsheets & Organic Chemistry Summary Notes

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Organic Chemistry

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Using Flash Cards to Study Organic Chemistry

There are many different ways to study organic chemistry. I’m pretty sure most of you know about, and many of you actually use this simple learning strategy—flash-cards. Now, how exactly do you make your flash cards? Do you just put some info you need to remember on it and flip through your cards from time […]

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Spectroscopy: Fine Details Matter!

When it comes to spectroscopy and solving spectroscopy problems (finding the structure corresponding to the spectrum), one would usually approach it in a sequence of steps. First, I’d look at the molecular formula (or calculate one from the mass-spec) to get the HDI (Hydrogen Deficiency Index or Degree of Unsaturation). That might give some hints […]

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Stoichiometry and Ratios in Chemistry

  Stoichiometry is one of those cornerstone topics in chemistry that gives students a lot of troubles. Traditionally, this topic is taught with the assumption that students have a good handle of algebra and ratios manipulations. However, the topic is deeper than that! We here at Chemistry Help Center strive to help students succeed in […]

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