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organic chemistry functional group pre-med bio MCAT

Functional Groups for Health and Bio Majors

Modern biology is inescapably dependent on organic chemistry.  From macro to micro, ecology to quantum biology, everything we know about life is built on an understanding of events happening at a molecular scale.  This is especially true for healthcare and medicine.  Drug design targets neurological and metabolic pathways with chemicals designed to patch malfunctioning chemical […]

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how to succeed in chemistry

How to Succeed in Chemistry Class: An Incremental Gain Approach

Success in a chemistry class is a particularly hard topic to discuss.  It is a multifaceted and difficult topic that is deeply rooted in the overall cognitive theory and the idea of intelligence.  Luckily, the cognitive science offers some guidance on how to succeed in chemistry.  Let me elaborate. There will be a moment in […]

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Using Flash Cards to Study Organic Chemistry

There are many different ways to study organic chemistry. I’m pretty sure most of you know about, and many of you actually use this simple learning strategy—flash-cards. Now, how exactly do you make your flash cards? Do you just put some info you need to remember on it and flip through your cards from time […]

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