Organic Chemistry Notes

Proper organic chemistry summary notes are essential for success in organic chemistry. But we all know that taking good notes from the first attempt during the lecture is hard. Then you read your organic chemistry textbook and add a few more scribbles here and there. Then you go to your study group or a recitation and add a few more notes on top of that. Then your instructor mentions something that will be on exam and you take a note of that too. Then you look back at your notes and run away screaming coz’ they look like a bunch of random scribbles all over the place! So when you sit down to make a set of summary notes or chemistry cheat sheets you don’t even know where to start. Sounds familiar?

We’ve worked with students from all over the United States and Europe and know what your instructor wants you to know and what they will test you on. So, we spent countless hours combing through every textbook on the market, talked to organic chemistry instructors, and came up with a Collection of Organic Chemistry Cheat Sheets and Summary Notes. In our organic chemistry cheat sheets we go over the

  • most important aspects of each topic covered in organic chemistry,
  • details of reactions and mechanisms, and
  • tricky points that show up on tests!

We’ll be adding new organic chemistry cheat sheets and summary notes periodically. We hand-write our notes with love and meticulously color-code all our summary notes and handouts to make sure they are easy to navigate and comprehend. See an example of a few pages from the handouts that you’ll get by purchasing this bundle.

organic chemistry handouts cheat sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have full curved-arrow mechanisms write-ups in your organic chemistry notes?
  2. Do your organic chemistry notes follow any specific textbook? Will they fit my course?
    We do not follow any specific textbook. What we do follow is a typical introductory (sophomore) organic chemistry curriculum. This makes our notes truly universal. We also tend to include additional details to make them more comprehensive.
  3. How are your organic chemistry notes formatted? Can I have them on my phone for a quick reference?
    Yep. Our notes come in a pdf format, so they play well with any type of computer or phone you have.
  4. What is the best way to use the organic chemistry notes?
    We purposefully design our notes to be printed out and be added to your organic chemistry binder. Each reaction/concept takes exactly one or two pages, so you can print out only the pages you need without having to worry about awkward breaks.It takes over an hour on average to design and draft each page. We do this work so you don’t have to! This way you can use our chemistry notes as a “blueprint” for your own study notes and review summaries.

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